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William and his team were asked to create a simulation that demonstrated the functions and benefits of shooter wagons. It needed to be easy to understand and help their users — the LMP sales team — to communicate the benefits of this material handling solution to prospective customers.

Virtual manufacturing

Visual Components had just released Visual Components Experience , a mobile app that allows users to play, navigate, and explore simulations from their Android and iOS enabled devices. After an evaluation of the Visual Components Experience app, William and his team decided it met the needs of their users, and proceeded to create a demonstrator. William and his team used Visual Components to create a demonstrator that showed the shooter wagons in a simple material-handling example. Shooter wagons are a type of gravity-flow rack, combining storage and material handling in one system.

They operate via a first-in, first-out racking order, meaning boxes move to the forefront only after the preceding one is removed. Shooter wagons are cost efficient and help companies to maximize space and efficiency while saving time, space, and manpower.

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Virtual Manufacturing

Shooter wagons are a viable material handling solution based on several properties they exhibit:. They use gravity to process boxes. This was a driving reason to use simulation, to show how they work. To illustrate the functions and benefits of shooter wagons, William and his team created an animation to demonstrate the mechanics and ingenuity of the karakuri devices.

The animation, which you can download here , demonstrates the shooter wagon concept in a simple material-handling example:.

Virtual manufacturing improves production at Ford

At production, the shooter trolley is docked at the material shelf. Upon docking, the shooter automatically gives the prepared kit boxes to production while receiving empty ones.

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After the exchange, the shooter trolley goes back to the kitting area to be filled again. Ford drives compatibility between the product design and the assembly plant process through virtual manufacturing tools. Mass producing ergonomics: two of the world's largest automakers are also two of the biggest success stories when it comes to ergonomics and worker safety.

Southwestern Pennsylvania is preparing to launch a virtual manufacturing enterprise, called the Doyle Center for Manufacturing Technology, named for U. The aims of the project were to demonstrate and educate SMEs and universities about the capabilities of rapid prototyping and virtual manufacturing by conducting pilot studies, establishing a network of SMEs and experts, and providing workshops for academics and business people.

Asia gets tips from Cardiff.

Virtual Manufacturing at Ford

Head games: 3-valve cylinder heads are just the beginning as Ford institutes its flexible powertrain manufacturing strategy. This virtual manufacturing gave engineers the opportunity to create an assembly plant in virtual-reality to prove out processes prior to the investment in costly robots and equipment.

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Saloon is result of pounds 1 bn development. His company is considered to be one of the major providers of software for digital factory, or virtual manufacturing , applications.

Virtual manufacturing -

Planning a plant: a digital factory runs just like a real one, only on a computer. Now we are entering the area of Virtual Manufacturing and product simulation models. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Categories : Manufacturing Networks.

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