The Language of the Metaphysical Poets

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Metaphysical Poetry and Poets In Hindi Definition and full analysis

Do not adopt the first possible approach - be willing to dispute the terms of the question if you are given the opportunity. Want more essay and exam tips? Metaphysical poets, selected poems. What makes a good Metaphysical Poets exam answer? How to plan an essay Engaging with the text Resources and further reading Booklist Website resources Other resources Worksheet downloads.

Metaphysical poets, selected poems Metaphysical Poetry text guide The guide provides the historical background against which many of the poems were written. Analysis of the poems Find out about the poetry of the meta- physicals, what their key themes were, why they wrote their poems, and how even the shape of the poetry can have meaning, such as George Herbert's Easter Wings. The world of the Metaphysicals At the beginning of the time of the metaphysicals Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne. Henry Vaughan wrote secular verse before undergoing a religious conversion and turning to devotional poetry full of images of dawn, light, spring and regeneration.

When they were discovered, his writings, radiant with visionary innocence and intensity, were at first attributed to Vaughan.

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Both had rather lurid reputations as libertines. He wrote highly-coloured and crafted, sumptuous, devotional poetry, evoking the spiritual love of God through carnal imagery. Known at first only to a private circle of friends, her works were published shortly before her death in His poetry is not exactly exalted, but through these emblems he created for himself a permanent niche in the history of English verse. He was a scholar, diplomat and politician, and another who wrote only for his private pleasure.

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After his death his poems were published by a woman who claimed to be his wife, but whom everyone believed to be his housekeeper and his mistress. One of the most famous poems in the language, it is an irresistible blend of music and thought, of sensuousness and wit, of frivolity and seriousness. Marvell died in , in the age of Dryden and neo-classicism; spiritual passion or reflection, dialogues between soul and body, the application of the intellect to love or to religious devotion, were all now unwanted.

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The metaphysical style had seen the flowering of half a dozen poets of genius who had in their different ways explored the boundaries of the physical and the spiritual; but now their works were condemned to sleep and darkness, waiting to be awakened more than two centuries later by a new age that was ready for their subtlety and power.

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The Metaphysical Poets

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