TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Level A Math Workbook

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Narratives and fiction stories are generally organized in this way. Text that is organized by cause and effect will discuss something that happened and an event or consequence that happened because of it. An example of this would be a passage that talks about how animals are losing their habitats due to forests being cut down. Text that is organized by problem and solution will have a problem that needs to be fixed and a solution, or way that the problem gets resolved.

This can be easily confused with cause and effect. To use a similar example as the one above, text that is organized by problem and solution might discuss forests being cut down and then present possible solutions to this, such as designating land that cannot be disturbed.

Text that is organized by comparing and contrasting will explain the similarities and differences between two or more topics. For example, a paper that discusses how two different government systems are alike and how they are different would be organized by comparing and contrasting. This category tests your ability to evaluate arguments and claims made in a text, and your understanding of certain text features, such as diagrams, graphs, or flowcharts. This might include statistical data, research, citations, and other evidence.

On the test, you may be asked how an author is supporting his or her claim or what details from the passage help support the argument. Tonight we are here to celebrate a resounding victory. We, we have fought a good fight. We have finished our course. And we have kept the faith. We fought that good fight. We fought it, with unseasoned weapons and with a phalanx of people who mostly have never been involved in a political campaign before.

This has truly been a pilgrimage. Our government will be moving forward as well, including more people.

McGraw-Hill Education TABE Test of Adult Basic Education Level A Math Workbook

And more kinds of people, than any government in the history of Chicago. Today… today… today, Chicago has seen the bright daybreak for this city and for perhaps this entire country. The whole nation is watching as Chicago is so powerful in this! Protestant and Catholics of all stripes. Have joined hands to form a new democratic coalition. And… and to begin in this place a new democratic movement. And we have kept the faith in ourselves as decent, caring people who gather together as a part of something greater than themselves.

We never stopped believing that we were a part of something good and something that had never happened before. To open its doors and be certain that its babies are healthy! And its old people are fed and well-housed. We intend, we intend that our city will grow again and bring prosperity to ALL of its citizens. Correct answer: 1. In paragraph 3, the speaker employs what figurative language device in the first sentence? Here, Washington employs personification—he gives non human objects human qualities.

Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

Mainly, Washington is seeking to inspire his people to see the victory as a collective effort, and to see what they can still accomplish if they continue working together. This is the best answer option here. Therefore, it seems like they won by a large margin. Which sentence from the passage best supports the answer to Part A? Correct answers: 1 , 3. The speaker intends to revitalize and rebuild the city by taking care of babies and the elderly and bringing prosperity to all.

The Language section has about 40 questions. There are four broad categories:. A semicolon is a type of punctuation that is used to connect two or more independent clauses, or ideas, in a sentence. A semicolon is shown below.

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Semicolons are sometimes used instead of a period when a writer wants less of a pause between two thoughts. They are often used to join two independent clauses without the use of a conjunction. Semicolons are also useful when you are listing things that already contain commas, such as names of cities and states. For example, the following sentence is confusing without the use of semicolons:. This category tests your knowledge of general language conventions. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. An antecedent is the noun that the pronoun is referring to.

Pronoun-antecedent agreement means that the pronoun matches the antecedent in number singular versus plural and matches in gender, if applicable. Jake opened their front door. So the revised sentence would say:. Jake opened his front door. This category tests your ability to determine the meaning of unknown words by using context clues or other strategies. Context clues are words, phrases, or sentences in a passage that help you figure out the meaning of unknown words or words with multiple meanings.

By using context clues, you can understand more of what you read. Context clues might include a short explanation after a word, examples, or as details provided after a word or sentence. Here are a few examples of how context clues might appear in a reading passage:. Everyone was saddened by the serious news.

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In this sentence, if you did not know the meaning of the word solemn , you could use the details in the second sentence to come to the conclusion that solemn probably means sad or serious. In this sentence, we can use the examples following the word fowl to decide that this probably means a type of animal or bird.

What is the TABE?

This category tests your ability to write various types of texts. This specific competency focuses on informative or explanatory texts, so we will focus more on those. Explanatory or informative texts are used to inform or teach the reader about a specific topic. These types of texts will include facts, instructions, or research, rather than descriptive detail. Explanatory or informative texts can be written in different formats.

This can include a narrative format when telling about a historical event.

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Other examples of explanatory texts include instructions for an experiment, a research paper presenting evidence, or a step by step process such as a recipe. Persuasive text is used to convince the reader to believe or do something, or to make an argument for a certain point of view. Persuasive texts include opinions, as well as statements to back up these opinions, such as research or data. Narrative text is writing that tells a story. Narrative texts are written in sequential order and have a beginning, middle, and end. They also sometimes include a conflict and resolution.

As mentioned above, informative texts can sometimes take on a narrative structure when telling facts about an event. Descriptive text uses figures of speech and sensory language to give detail about an event, person, place, or thing.

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  • Poetry is a good example of descriptive text. She scored the winning goal at the game. Which word best completes the sentence? Correct answer: 2.