Speech and language : advances in basic research and practice.

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Temple eds. Papers in Laboratory Phonology VI. Cambridge University Press. Italian Journal of Linguistics - Rivista di Linguistica 13, Ogden, R. Computer Speech and Language 14, Phonetic influences on the intelligibility of conversational speech. Journal of Phonetics 22, Asher ed. The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics.

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Oxford : Pergamon Press, Vol. Docherty and D. Ladd eds.

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Papers in Laboratory Phonology II. Gesture, Segment, Prosody. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, Munhall, K. Journal of Phonetics 20, Beddor, P. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 87, This article is intended to invigorate interest in the uniqueness of implementation science among those pursuing both basic and applied research. In this way, it should help ensure the discipline's knowledge base is realized in practice and policy that affects the lives of individuals with communication disorders.

Lesley B. Patricia A. Sections About Full Text. References Aarons, G. Mental health provider attitudes toward adoption of evidence-based practice: The evidence-based practice attitude scale EBPAS. A laryngeal dissection station: educational paradigms in phonosurgery.

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Laryngeal dysplasia and other epithelial changes on endoscopic biopsy: what does it all mean to the individual patient? Design and implementation of a hands-free electrolarynx device controlled by neck strap muscle electromyographic activity.

Surface electromyographic activity in total laryngectomy patients following laryngeal nerve transfer to neck strap muscles. Optimizing voice after endoscopic partial laryngectomy. Suspension laryngoscopy revisited. Technique of en block laser endoscopic frontolateral laryngectomy for glottic cancer. Office-based treatment of glottal dysplasia and papillomatosis with the nm pulsed dye laser and local anesthesia. Adduction arytenopexy for vocal fold paralysis: indications and technique.

J Laryngol Otol ; Imaging the mucosa of the human vocal fold with optical coherence tomography. Endoscopic measurement of vocal fold movement during adduction and abduction. Measurement of vocal fold collision forces during phonation: methods and preliminary data. Midmembranous vocal fold lamina propria proteoglycans across selected species. Pediatric video laryngo-stroboscopy.

Use of muscle fibrillation for tracking nerve regeneration. Muscle Nerve ; A new instrument for intraoperative assessment of individual vocal folds. Measurements of glottal structure dynamics. Quantitative and comparative studies of the vocal fold extracellular matrix. I: Elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid. Quantitative and comparative studies of the vocal fold extracellular matrix II: collagen.

Collagen composite hydrogels for vocal fold lamina propria restoration. Measurements of vocal fold elasticity using the linear skin rheometer. Ambulatory monitoring of disordered voices. Hyaluronic acid-based microgels and microgel networks for vocal fold regeneration. Imaging the human vocal folds in vivo with optical coherence tomography: a preliminary experience. Comparison of a flexible laryngoscope with calibrated sizing function to intraoperative measurements.

Effects of growth factors on extracellular matrix production by vocal fold fibroblasts in 3-dimensional culture. Recurrent laryngeal nerve injuries after esophagectomy.


Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

Pulsed angiolytic laser treatment of ectasias and varices in singers. Office-based nm pulsed KTP laser treatment of glottal papillomatosis and dysplasia. Laser applications in laryngology: past, present, and future. Office-based and microlaryngeal applications of a fiber-based thulium laser. Carbon dioxide laser fiber for laryngeal cancer surgery. Microflap laryngosplasty for treating an anterior-commissure web with papillomatosis. Effects of nm pulsed-KTP laser parameters on vessel ablation in the avian chorioallantoic membrane: implications for vocal fold mucosa.

Chick chorioallantoic membrane as a model for simulating human true vocal folds. Thermal damage during thulium laser dissection of laryngeal soft tissue is reduced with air cooling: ex vivo calf model study. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol ; The evaluation of benign glottic lesions: rigid telescopic stroboscopy versus suspension microlaryngoscopy.

Staged closure of tracheogastrocutaneous fistula after esophagectomy for infiltrative granular cell tumor.

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Chevalier Jackson lecture Concepts and culture of innovation. Experience with office-based pulsed-dye laser PDL treatment. Foresight in laryngology and laryngeal surgery: a vision. Office-based laryngeal laser surgery with the nm pulsed-potassium-titanyl-phosphate laser. Office-based laryngeal laser surgery with local anesthesia.


Incorporation of a matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive substrate into self-assembling peptides - A model for biofunctional scaffolds. Clinical implementation of laryngeal high-speed videoendoscopy: challenges and evolution. Voice assessment: updates on perceptual, acoustic, aerodynamic, and endoscopic imaging methods. Comparison of effects of 2 harvesting methods on fat autograft. Post-laryngectomy speech respiration patterns.

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Imaging of the calf vocal fold with high-frequency ultrasound. Re: prospective trial of voice outcomes after thyroidectomy: evaluation of patient-reported and clinician-determined voice assessments in identifying post-thyroidectomy dysphonia. Photoangiolytic laser treatment of early glottic cancer: a new management strategy.

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Value and utility of nanometre pulsed potassium-titanyl-phosphate laser in endoscopic laryngeal surgery. Endoscopic laser resection of laryngeal cancer: is it oncologically safe? Position statement from the American Broncho-Esophagological Association.