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Here are the best things to do during fall in Holland.

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If you arrived in The Netherlands during the summer, you may have been given a deceiving viewpoint when it comes to Dutch weather. It was the best weather I have seen in the Netherlands since my arrival back in Most of the other summers were filled with a lot more rain.

The point is, be prepared because the Dutch weather can be nasty and catch you blindsided! The Dutch know how to enjoy every season to the maximum. Here are some things to get you through this next season without missing summer too much as the locals do. The Netherlands has amazing wellness, sauna, spa facilities located all over the country.

Top tours and activities in Netherlands

Such as floating sea salt pools, saunas of varied types of temperatures, hamman, sauna shows, ice bucket showers, pools and the list goes on. On top of these awesome water attractions, there are beds to sleep, a restaurant to drink wine and you can even lay outside to work on your all over again tan! Yes, you are naked in a Dutch sauna … but to be honest, I am a real prude when it comes to nudity, but this experience is one not to be missed!

It is essentially a traditional Dutch bar and is full of Dutch culture at its best!

Stuff Dutch People Like – Your satirical guide to Dutch culture and the Netherlands!

They are generally cosy, dark in interior and probably have a warm fireplace, and of course many different types of beer on tap. They are special and often a flavour of beer with an extra touch of spice — lekker! A snack bar is a place to go to warm up your belly and enjoy some classic Dutch deep fry. I love a visit to the snack bar! The menu is quite impressive and there are many options to try. My recommendation is patatje oorlog which literally translated means a war of fries!

This amazing dish basically consists of fries, onions, satay sauce and mayonnaise all piled up. There is no better way to experience the Dutch autumn than to take your bike and ride through the forests. It is an array of spectacular colours and freshness. You are most likely to find many types of wild mushrooms growing and if you are lucky, you may spot some local wildlife.

Explore Dutch values, manners, culture and business practices.

Of course, it is no trip to the forest without visiting a traditional Dutch pancake restaurant. Please order a pancake topped with cheese, cover with as much syrup and icing sugar as you can handle. Then for dessert, a Dutch delight is apple pie served with cream — echt lekker! What a better way to warm up than to cook and eat soup. While you are in the Netherlands, why not try a traditional recipe such as Erwtensoup which means traditional pea soup. This soup is also known as snert, which does not sound appealing but worth a try right?! Shopping is to be enjoyed in every season, but I would suggest it to ensure you have all the right gear for the upcoming winter! I was silly and did things like buying a white winter coat… No, I did not realise you actually have to wear the coat everyday — everywhere!

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  6. So, after about 2 weeks, my white coat was brown. The lowest prices We guarantee it! The Hague. The Netherlands is a land of windmills , wooden clogs , tulips and everyone riding bicycles. When in the Netherlands, why not go Dutch and ride a bicycle? There are many bicycle tours offered to tourists and what better way to see things close up? Consider taking a night cruise while visiting Amsterdam. Guests can enjoy hours of leisure cruising aboard a canal bus.

    See the lights of Amsterdam as you cruise the canals, hear some stories and learn some history from knowledgeable guides. Have a drink and a bite to eat and sit back to enjoy the sights. The Netherlands is infamous for the Red Light District. Join a 2-hour walking tour where guides will tell you about the history and goings-on of this area.