Narrative of Joseph of Arimathaea

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It was in the utmost interest for the authorities to crush this sect before it took hold and would have been relatively easy to prove it did not happen. Not even false witnesses were produced to refute the claim as used in the trial of Jesus. Historians of the day did not adversely comment either.

The overwhelming evidence of available records we just happen to call New Testament writings and the willingness of fearful disciples to preach that gospel, and suffer for so doing, point decidedly to the resurrection being factual. Not forgetting there are three other unrefuted cases of resurrection in the gospels.

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Paul reminds his readers that the resurrection is central to salvation, not to believe renders faith and salvation impossible 1 Cor. One must also take into account that the resurrection of Jesus was not understood by the Jews of the day and was therefore a revelation in more ways than one.

Steven G. CA March 31st, I've always thought it would take an inordinate amount of money to bribe Roman guards to claim they fell asleep on duty because they would have to bribe their way out of being put to death.

Joseph of Arimathea

Doug T. US March 31st, Hans G. AU March 30th, Martin H. Is this a solid base? Why do people always look for mistakes? To take control over an issue? Does God need help to express Himself? And if the body was shifted, it did not stopped the Resurrection. Erik W.

Appendix 11: Joseph of Arimathea and the Line of Nathan

US March 30th, Great apologetics reading over Easter. Personally I find the numerous "counterproductive" details the disciples weren't expecting a resurrection, the tomb was initially unguarded, etc to be strong confirmation of the truth of the details reported, because why would you bother to undermine your case if you were really making up a 'conspiracy theory' from scratch with the intent to convince people? There's consequently no evidence that the Gospel accounts, or the rest of the Bible for that matter, are mythical inventions, because they lack the sort of embellishment one would expect, and have far too many "embarrassing details" included.

Happy Easter! Dean Y. ZA March 30th, Great response, Lita. The empty tomb is a critical part of of the history of the resurrection. Gary Habermas also made the point that it is well supported by the argument from embarrassment. The fact that women were the first to discover the empty tomb was unlikely to have been promoted in all four gospels unless it was, in fact, true!

It was not customary in the time and culture for women to even testify in a court of law. The fact that the apostles openly declared this fact just goes to show how important historical accuracy and truthfulness was to them. Randy S. Now this Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man, a prominent councilman, and was himself waiting for the full revelation of the kingdom of God. Himself a disciple and believing that Jesus was the promised Messiah — for he was a studied man — he was fully persuaded that Jesus would rise from the dead.

A new tomb, one hewn out of rock, wherein a body had never been laid. One with a single opening to serve as the entrance and exit. One with a stone large and heavy enough to permanently seal the opening once in place.

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While the most notable disciples cowered in fear, Joseph of Arimathea found courage to approach Pilate for the body of Jesus. When he later heard of the sentry commissioned to guard and seal the tomb, he was all too happy, knowing that it would only lend credence to the reality of the resurrection. No, Joseph of Arimathea did not move the body of Jesus.

One well-known and envied by every poor and middle-class head of household in Jerusalem. All that was left was to wait for Sunday morning. GB March 30th, Imagine a court room in which a trial is taking place. The incident in question occurred many years ago. No witnesses remain alive. However, the prosecution introduces as evidence several written statements detailing the event being examined. Some were written by eye-witnesses of the incident in question.

Others are second hand accounts, collating what the writers had heard from eye-witnesses of the incident.

One by one, the statements are read out. Both judge and jury listen intently, piecing together the accounts to see if they coalesce into a consistent narrative. In spite of the differences in emphasis, the diverse details and distinctive viewpoints included by the witnesses, the written statements together all point to the same conclusions. The evidence is consistent, even though it takes some work to piece together the full story. Then the defence brings in a "witness". In cross questioning, the witness admits that he was not alive at the time of the incident. So, he was not present when the incident occurred, and he admits that he has never met an eye-witness. He has never been to the place where the incident took place, and has never met any of the protagonists.

He has formulated a theory on the basis of his own musings on the matter. Oh, no, he has no axe to grind himself He must be right, as his conclusions are based entirely on logic. The witnesses were men of integrity, men who suffered, and in some cases, died, because they believed what they had written. Which evidence would you want the court to base its verdict on? Joe S.

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US March 29th, Most interesting assumptions,however it would lead one to believe then that the appearing Jesus in the upper room would not have happened. Thomas would have been involved in an elaborate hoax when indicating he put his fingers in Jesus hands and so forth and so on,all in all i think it was well written,and in my opinion Jesus is who he claims to be-The risen Christ. Jerdan S. I understand the reason for this debate of sorts but I also fail to see why it can even be brought up. If Christ's body were to have been stolen and He not have risen, then what of the account of Jesus coming before the disciples?

Is that supposed to just be "part of the story? The fact that Jesus presented Himself in his original bodily form, in which He died right before their eyes, means that His body could not have been stolen. If it were, and He were to have appeared in a likeness of Himself, I do not believe that He would have kept those characteristics and that His body would have been renewed as if He were prepared for His ascent to heaven. Even if it had been moved, there is still no body and it still would not have prevented Him from arising. This is a very powerful poem!!! I love it a lot It tells a story yet it still rhymes and stuff like that!!!