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Author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. The A. Filed to: ea Filed to: ea ea layoffs electronic arts kotakucore marketing. Share This Story. Related Stories. About the author Jason Schreier. Jason Schreier News editor. Email Twitter Posts. Books are great, but why not offer multiple content packages that will engage consumers on an ongoing basis?

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At CMI, we have the opportunity to work with marketing and PR professionals at some of the greatest brands in the world. One of the biggest challenges we see, even with veteran marketers, is channel focus before content strategy. So often, marketers get infatuated with blogs, or webinars, or Facebook, or Pinterest, and we forget that the channel strategy should come way after the content strategy.

So why the focus on just books? For the most part, a publisher has to start over every time a new book comes in the door. But what if publishers leveraged authors to create an ongoing resource of expert information, instead of just for books? So, we are in the book business ourselves, publishing a total of six titles to date.

But before we could even consider creating and distributing books with our authors, we had to develop a platform around content marketing… a place where readers come on an ongoing basis to get the information they need.

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Now that the platform is built, we use our contributor network now over as our testing ground to find new authors. Once we sign an author to an agreement, our job is to get the author involved in all of our content projects. At CMI, we deliver both free and paid content to our community. We believe that if we can leverage Drew and the thoughts behind the book within everything we do, it will be better for both him and CMI.

For example:. Our Books. The Disruption Mindset. Data Story. ABM is B2B. Sweating Together.

Non-Obvious Megatrends. Good Authority. Best Leadership Book. The Transparency Sale. Best Sales Book. Best Non-Fiction Series.

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Yes Is The Answer. The long awaited memoir from noted restaurateur Cameron Mitchell. Leveraged Learning. A fascinating and meticulously researched exploration of what the future of education should be. Best Education Theory Book. The Hard Break. Same Side Selling. A unique collaboration between sales expert and buying expert to illuminate both sides of business procurement.

Expensive Sentences. Built To Suck. Join The Brand. Close Deals Faster. Best Sales Book of the Year.

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The Road To Recognition. This collection of advice from some of the world's top marketers is an essential read for anyone looking to optimize their reputation and supercharge their success. Always Eat Left Handed. Best Career Advice Book. When Millennials Take Over. Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business. A groundbreaking new book from two of the leading voices in building a powerful corporate culture on how to manage a multi-generational workforce.

Participation Game. Lessons From The Top Brands. Why It Hurts. Engineering Progress. The Inspiring Story of Underwriters Laboratories. Outside Insight. Navigating a World Drowning In Data. Corporate Goad. Case Studies In Transformational Change. Lessons from a lifelong change agent on what it really takes to disrupt your organization and drive forward. Evolved Enterprise. A guide from Maverick founder Yanik Silver on how business can be a lever for positive change in the world.

Education That Works. Why We Exist. In particular, we aim to solve these six frustrations of modern publishing:. We use proven professionals with decades of experience and routinely test new ideas on our own projects so we can earn our knowledge of what works and what doesn't at every stage of a book. As a publishing company founded by an author, we believe that the author should keep most of the revenue from a book - so we aim to minimize costs and keep our fees reasonable.

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We exist to help insightful experts publish their valuable ideas with more credibility.