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That being said, it is a scholarly treatment of the fragments available for its time. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a historical view. It may show the author's ability, dedication but delivers little to the overall understanding of the material.

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Jun 23, Liz Thoth rated it it was amazing. Most accurate translation of Sumerian texts, I have encountered. With non biased and educated information following the texts. The new discovery in was before anything could be destroyed or corrupted.

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Interesting, but not very conclusive due to the condition and paucity of the evidence. May 18, Bradley rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction , history. I wanted more info on the corrupted sumerian legends as told from the babylonian, and what I got was preliminary and incomplete reporting. I guess it can't be helped, for the time of its writing and the amount of scholarship already put into the subject, not even mentioning the cultural bias and hopeful recounting of myths.

Still, I did get some insights, although not as much as I had hoped.

The Chaldean Account Of Genesis

The book is a bit dated, but gives an excellent account of the myths that modern day Abrahamic religions are built on. This book is a good starting place for a understanding of the Christian myths. Rex Blanchard rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Cristina Petre rated it it was ok Jan 28, Ed Peterson rated it liked it Feb 09, Corbin rated it it was ok Nov 20, Ernest rated it really liked it Feb 26, Priscilla Vogelbacher rated it really liked it May 08, Sandyhale rated it it was amazing Dec 05, James E.

Hansen rated it really liked it May 08, Ralph Tandberg rated it really liked it May 10, Paul F. Dame rated it really liked it Sep 19, David Chmelik rated it liked it Sep 28, Kenneth German rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Jon rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Jason Douglas rated it really liked it Mar 10, When at work preparing the fourth volume of Cuneiform Inscriptions, I noticed references to the Creation in a tablet numbered K 63 in the Museum collection, and allusions in other tablets to similar legends; I therefore set about searching through the collection, which I had previously selected under the head of "Mythological tablets," to find, if possible, some of these legends.

This mythological collection was one of six divisions into which I had parted the Museum collection of cuneiform inscriptions for convenience of working. By placing all the tablets and fragments of the same class together, I had been able to complete several texts, to easily find any subject required, and at any time to get a general idea of the contents of the collection. The mythological division contained all tablets relating to the mythology, and all the legends in which the gods took a leading part, together with prayers and similar subjects.

Commencing a steady search among these fragments, I soon found half of a curious tablet which had evidently contained originally six columns of text; two of these the third and fourth were still nearly perfect; two others the second and fifth were imperfect, about half remaining, while the remaining columns the first and sixth were entirely lost.

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On looking down the third column, my eye caught the statement that the ship rested on the mountains of Nizir, followed by the account of the sending forth of the dove, and its finding no resting-place and returning. I saw at once that I had here discovered a portion at least of the Chaldean account of the Deluge.

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I then proceeded to read through the document, and found it was in the form of a speech from the hero of the Deluge to a person whose name appeared to be Izdubar. I recollected a legend belonging to the same hero Izdubar K. Popular Features. New Releases.

The Chaldean account of Genesis

Smith pioneered the study of Assyriology, which investigates the history and culture of Mesopotamia modern day Iraq. Assyriology encompasses Biblically significant locations such as Assyria, Babylonia and Sumer. During his studies in Assyria, Smith discovered the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known work of literature, which is an account of the Great Flood.

The Chaldean Account of Genesis: Containing the Description of the Creation collects translations of all of the major tablets that Smith discovered, including the story of Gilgamesh. He translates the story of the Creation as it appeared in ancient texts, as well as the Tower of Babel and the Destruction of Sodom.

In addition to the texts that are parallel to stories from the Christian Bible, Smith gathered tablets which tell the history, culture and religion of ancient Mesopotamian cultures. Smith discovered a tablet with the story of Ishtar, goddess of sexuality and warfare, who descended to the Underworld. He also tells the story of the Babylonian god Zu, which was then an obscure religious story to the Babylonian and Assyrians.