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Applied Ergonomics and Design

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Comparison of lift use, perceptions, and musculoskeletal symptoms between ceiling lifts and floor-based lifts in patient handling January Metabolic rate and muscle activation level when wearing state-of-the-art cold-weather protective clothing during level and inclined walking January Visual vs vibrotactile feedback for posture assessment during upper-limb robot-aided rehabilitation January Objectively measured occupational physical activity in blue-collar workers: What is the role of job type, gender and psychosocial resources?

January Sedentary behaviour at work increases muscle stiffness of the back: Why roller massage has potential as an active break intervention January Comfortable indoor lighting conditions for LEDlights evaluated from psychological and physiological responses January Integrating and applying models of comfort January Effect of economically friendly acustimulation approach against cybersickness in video-watching tasks using consumer virtual reality devices January Motion-based prediction of external forces and moments and back loading during manual material handling tasks January The impact of anticipating a stressful task on sleep inertia when on-call January Frustration at congested railway level crossings: How long before extended closures result in risky behaviours?

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The impact of perceived heat stress symptoms on work-related tasks and social factors: A cross-sectional survey of Australia's Monsoonal North January The biomechanical evaluation of patient transfer tasks by female nursing students: With and without a transfer belt January Open plan office space? If you're going to do it, do it right: A fourteen-month longitudinal case study January Examining the fatigue-quality relationship in manufacturing January Qualitative findings from a pilot stage implementation of a novel organizational learning tool toward operationalizing the Safety-II paradigm in health care January Decreasing motion sickness by mixing different techniques January I want to brake free: The effect of connected vehicle features on driver behaviour, usability and acceptance January Comparison of in-sight and handheld navigation devices toward supporting industry 4. Using the WHO International Classification of patient safety framework to identify incident characteristics and contributing factors for medical or surgical complication deaths January The desktop, or the top of the desk? The relative usefulness of household features for personal health information management January An evidence based framework for the Temporal Observational Analysis of Teamwork in healthcare settings - Open access January Some cues are more equal than others: Cue plausibility for false alarms in baggage screening - Open access January A biomechanical evaluation of potential ergonomic solutions for use by firefighter and EMS providers when lifting heavy patients in their homes January Effects of aerial ladder rung spacing on firefighter climbing biomechanics January Fatigue-related risk perception among emergency physicians working extended shifts January In-flight spatial disorientation induces roll reversal errors when using the attitude indicator November Trapezius muscle activity variation during computer work performed by individuals with and without neck-shoulder pain November Click on the image above to learn more about this new program.

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